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Growth Market Basic Entitlement Insurance – Imagination Without Borders?

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The basic disability insurance is a comparatively new branch in personal insurance, in which no standards have yet been established. On the contrary: the euphoria of the product developers seems to get off to a good start, while intermediaries and their customers are still in the process of understanding the products. We get into the middle of the hustle and bustle.

Non-transparent definitions in the basic health insurance

In the product forge of insurers, new basic skills are being developed lately, so that it does not get much easier with the overview and the understanding. The following graphic gives an impression of the range of definitions in the field of basic health insurance:


By the way, with new creative formulations it does not matter whether it is an existing or novel basic ability. For example, considering the basic ability to “use one’s hands,” one can not help but notice that there are no limits to the development of new performance definitions.

Performance definition – from faucet to water glass

The power definition of the basic ability “use your hands” shows the imagination of the product developers like no other. In 2015, for example, it was said in the terms of a major broker insurer: “There is a loss if the insured person with the right or the left hand is no longer able to turn on and off a tap.”

There is a little continuity after all, because after all, it has remained with the topic of water.

Other insurers seem to have quite different skills to use their hands. For example, there is a loss of ability if the insured person is no longer able to …

  •     … to use a pen and to operate a keyboard
  •    … insert a commercially available light bulb or LED bulb in the corresponding screw base (E27 socket) of a table lamp and screw it in so far that the bulb lights up and then completely unscrews.
  •    … close and reopen a bottle with screw cap, use a screwdriver or a pair of scissors, open a door lock with a key to open.
  •     … to unscrew and loosen an attached screw into a dowelled hole or to attach a clothespin to a waist of a clothesline

We also have one or the other target group idea, but not all of them are housebroken …

The “discrimination strategy” in basic health insurance

The driver of the colorful variety we call the “discrimination strategy”, in which each insurer tries to differentiate itself from competitors in order to achieve competitive advantages. It is quite understandable that different target groups should feel addressed by the different definitions. The venerability in the benefit case also plays a role.


However, it is not easy to see if the various power triggers require the same movement, level of skill and effort. Different definitions of the same basic skills do not only create diversity, but above all lack transparency or even uncertainty.

Just described differently or provided with a different heading. More basic skills do not automatically increase the performance level of the products.

Rating basic ability insurance with 14 core basic skills

With our rating on basic ability insurance we want to curb at least one uncertainty.  As a result, you can be sure that top rated products contain all 14 core core skills. More than that is a pleasure, not so much less.


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