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How to Buy Safely on Aliexpress: 11 Golden Rules Ahead of Black Friday

How to Buy Safely
How to Buy Safely

“Black Friday” starts on November 29th – starting from this day, promotions and sales begin in stores around the world. And one of the main platforms for online shopping will traditionally be Aliexpress. We tell you how to correctly and safely buy on this platform.

1. Issue a separate card to pay for purchases


This recommendation applies not only to Aliexpress, but also to other online stores. The fact is that sometimes the personal data of the buyer fall into the public domain, and fraudsters certainly will not miss such a chance. The most competent decision is to get a separate card on which you will transfer a specific amount to a specific purchase. And keep the rest of the money on the main card, which you will not pay on the Web.

2. Pay attention to the fine print

Often, unscrupulous sellers take care of the inattention of buyers and indicate important information in small print. For example, information that the goods are used. To avoid such situations, always carefully read the product description. And pay attention not to catchy price tags and headlines, but to information that is barely noticeable.


3. Check with the seller about the characteristics of the goods.

This, for the most part, concerns the purchase of clothing. The fact is that the Russian and Chinese sizes do not match, so you can easily miscalculate. To prevent this from happening, it is better to immediately write to the seller and clarify points with him that you do not understand.

4. Carefully choose a seller


A common mistake of buyers of online stores is that they pay attention to the product, while ignoring information about the seller. Remember, the latter is far more important. Before making a purchase, examine the information about the store and a specific seller: opening date, positive and negative reviews, the number of orders. The higher the seller’s rating, the better.

5. Always read reviews

Particular attention should be paid to negative reviews (good ones can easily be bought, do not trust them too much). Also look carefully at those that have photos – they are usually always real. It also makes sense to pay attention to how the seller responds to reviews, especially negative ones. This may serve as the first “call” to refuse a purchase.

6. Follow bloggers reviewing products with Aliexpress.

This applies primarily to clothing. Now there are many bloggers and groups on social networks that review the best and worst products from this site. Based on their experience, you can avoid unnecessary spending on low-quality things.

7. Check delivery times

Before placing an order, check the delivery time (usually from one month, maybe more) and the terms of protection of the buyer. The last is how long you can open a dispute with the seller if the goods do not arrive or suit you. After this period you will no longer be able to return your money.

By the way, it will be useful to track your parcels by track number. This can be done on the Aliexpress website itself or on the mail site. This will help you in time to open a dispute if the package is somewhere “frozen”.

8. Do not be fooled by too low prices

This applies not only to online stores, but in general to all purchases you make. Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap. If you see an inadequately low price compared to the market average, this should alert you. Most likely, before you is a fake, and perhaps not the best quality.

9. Check your package in the mail

In fact, there are very few people who follow this advice. Feel free to do this before signing for receiving the goods. If you have any doubts about the package (for example, it weighs less than it should or the packaging is damaged), unpack it in place. By the way, if the goods are damaged, you can request by mail Act No. 51, which is issued in case of breakage, substitution or theft of the goods. After that, the package will be sent back to the seller.


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