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How to make an free website (stop paying today Free Sevar)


How to make an free website (stop paying today)
I have prepared this tutorial to help people with small offices and individuals who want to have a website for their business or personal use but due to lack of funds or understanding about the coding languages ​​of the website they have failed to own.

Follow these processes closely and you will be able to open a website.

LOVE (idea)
To have a website you must first have your idea as a trader. Your idea is that business and your website will also be about that business. As an individual I advise your idea to be unique and do not assume that people will end badly.


Here are two types of simple manufacturing you will look at the type you like and whether online or offline

-offline website building
Because you do not know the language of renting a website you will need software support. these software are numerous but the most popular specifications I have used to make it easier for me to direct you to where you will be stuck. And I have divided the two parts of a standard website and a flash website.

(a) software for standard websites WEBSITE X5 EVOLUTION

This in my opinion is the simplest software since you choose to design and add images and words only your website grows so already understandable that even a beginner will be able to use it. When you finish creating a website you will need to view the website as a file. If you ever find a problem let me know
Here’s their link here

Free Demo Software? Download WebSite X5? create a website – WebSite X5

(b) A4 DESK PRO flash software software

Flash website is a little more modern than usual and also in order to flash flash website you have to have flash player installed on the device. Phones that are not smart phones do not support flash websites. This is often not good for an official business website but good for entertainment.

You will download this software by selecting a template and adding text and images with no programming language. When you finish creating a website you will need to file a file.

To download this software click the following link
Download Website Building Software

There are other software for your own benefit
-web studio


Now that we have finished creating the website then we will have to online online for it to appear. In this step you will be required to upload the website file you received after you have finished creating it.

Here I mention a few hosting that are free.

servers free best hosting
Why do I say these relatives are the best? They will give you 10 gb of space to store your files with a 100 gb bandwitch, they have poor accountability and are fast.

First open an account select a subdomain and then go to your cpanel you will see a link written on the import website click there and then upload the website you will have completed.
Link it

Servers free ,web hosting servers, servers for , free server

other hosting
Due to many host processes they are similar to just free hosting

Free cPanel, PHP ,Web Hosting
Web Hosting -PHP, Linux, ,MySQL, And No Ads / Banners b y FreeHostia.
Free cPanel Web Hosting with MySQL ,PHP, and , No Ads
Free VPS Servers,Hosting, & Paid Hosting, Reseller Services : Byet Internet


Ok we have created a website but it only has a subdomain it does not have a complete domain.

Before I specify a domain website you first need to know the tutorial on how to park a domain

First you will go to your host part of the domain then take their dns. For example nahost website seversfree.com then dns will grow this way


Once you find them you go to the domain hosting website then unregister you choose your favorite name and then you select a domain by dns then you will set your dns

After that you return to your host to park that domain
Nb: can take up to 24 hours for a domain to be ready so be patient

domain hosting websites

dot.tk best domain
This is the only top level domain google that is free to register just go to this link
Dot TK – Free Domains for All

Other domain websites are



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