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Property insurance: how to go on vacation and be quiet


A vacation or a trip to distant countries is a long-awaited event. Sometimes, it is very difficult to wait for the day of departure. But the emotional state should not cause forgetfulness and inattention. When leaving home for even a few days, it is necessary to carefully consider the preservation of the property.

When leaving the house, close the door to all the locks. But even these precautions will not guarantee that nothing will happen in your absence. There are many variants of the state of emergency – flooding by neighbors, theft, fire. It is impossible to anticipate and warn of all possible dangers. But you can make sure that their effects are as tangible as possible. Insurance of your property against theft or damage as a result of other troubles cannot affect the fact that an insured event has occurred. But having it will help you get some financial compensation for the damage you have done.


Real estate insurance has its own peculiarities. Yes, insurance covers all structural parts of a home, including walls, floors, ceilings, utilities, for residential buildings – the roof, and may additionally be covered by finishes. When signing the insurance contract, you should carefully check that all these and other groups of property are included in the terms of the insurance policy. However, it is important to know that the finish can be external and internal. Particularly important is this nuance for homeowners. When concluding a real estate insurance contract, do not forget about the exterior (facade) decoration.

Housing insurance is not the only type of policy that should be drawn up before traveling. In addition to the real estate itself, insure its contents – furniture, equipment, appliances, antiques, jewelry and more. Make a list of all the property you want to insure in advance. It is advisable to supplement the list of photos of items so that there is no further dispute about the absence of these items in the property or list. Please note – the total sum insured under the policy should not be lower than the value of all the insured property.


What Does Property Insurance Include? Theft insurance is just one of the programs available to consumers. Today, many residents prefer to enter into contracts such as flood insurance , natural disasters, earthquakes, landslides, property damage due to external influences, fires, explosions, floods, harm to intruders, hooligans, etc. before traveling .

In addition to permanent housing insurance and property available in it, you can additionally provide cottages, cottages, as well as movable property stored in them before leaving.


Is it possible to insure a home if it is rented? For those who live in their own apartment or house, this issue is irrelevant, but for tenants – it is very important, because in rented housing is personal property.

At the conclusion of the lease, all responsibility for the leased premises for the period stipulated in the contract rests on the tenant’s shoulders, and therefore he has the full right to issue insurance for housing and property (both his own and rented together with the apartment / house).

When should I take care of my insurance? Before any trip, regardless of its purpose and duration. Especially if there is no one nearby who could look after your home during your absence.

Before returning to the city, insure your summer residence and all the property therein. And, conversely, before leaving for the dacha, make sure you protect your “city” assets.



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