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Obviousness dental care rules that are important to follow

dental care rules
dental care rules

Teeth are a real treasure of man. They are easy to damage, but very difficult and expensive to repair. In order not to become the owner of a mass of problems with teeth, it is better to follow a few rules for oral care. Some of them may seem far from the most obvious.

It is enough to do this once a month, changing tubes to one another. The fact is that bacteria in the oral cavity will not be able to get used to the composition of the paste, and their elimination will be much more effective. It also happens that in a person’s oral cavity there are several problems at once, and just one paste simply can’t cope with all of them at once. Then you can alternate different means in the morning and in the evening.

Use rinse aid

It is recommended to use it after brushing your teeth, as the paste and brush remove only a part of the bacteria. A liquid agent is also able to reduce the rate of their reproduction. Rinses with fluoride protect teeth from caries, favorably affecting enamel. And thanks to him you will get a fresh breath

Remember Dental Floss

It cleans the inter dental spaces from food debris, as regular cleaning often leaves this area intact. Experts advise using the thread at least once a day – this helps to avoid bad breath and prevents the development of caries.

Brushing cheeks and tongue

This can be done both with a brush and by purchasing special devices for this purpose – spoons, scrapers and so on. The tongue is cleansed by sweeping movements in the direction from distant sections to neighboring ones. If you leave your tongue and cheeks without cleaning, an unpleasant odor forms, and prerequisites for mucous diseases also appear.


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