Going on holiday outside the country, many tourists decide to reduce the mandatory costs. And if you do this by buying tickets for transport or choosing a cheaper hotel abroad, it is not always possible to refuse to purchase insurance in almost all cases. Will this be the right decision? How important is the purchase of travel insurance ? And if you still need to buy it, which policy to choose?

Extra costs or the opportunity to protect yourself: insurance abroad

So, the first question to look for is why you need travel insurance .

Any trip outside the country involves the processing of a whole package of documents. If the destination is a Schengen State, you will definitely need to draw up an insurance policy, otherwise your vacation plans will need to be changed. If you are flying to America or Canada, you can opt out of insurance. It is in such situations that the question arises – to spend a considerable amount or to leave it for other, more tangible expenses.

There are several reasons to buy insurance:

  • it is not so easy to find a suitable medical clinic in a foreign country;
  • when the hospital is found – get ready to shell out a few hundred dollars for maintenance (and this is best);
  • remember – even simple ailments when changing living conditions (which is a trip to distant countries) require medical examination;
  • In the foreign country, anything can happen – from difficult acclimatization and worsening of health to serious injuries.

It is important to understand that lack of insurance is not a crime (if a visit to the country permits the absence of this document). But its presence is your protection against the biased attitude of doctors, employees of different public services, etc. interested in your money individuals. The decision is made and it remains to find out another secret that hides insurance for traveling abroad – which is included in the terms of the policy.


What can be the insurance for traveling abroad

And it is this situation that leads to the opinion that the optimal answer to the question ” How to choose insurance for traveling abroad ?” Will be a detailed study of all the options offered.

Travel insurance means:

  • medical assistance – cover the cost of a doctor’s visit, examination, analysis, medical procedures, as well as reimbursement of the cost of an ambulance call;
  • assistance in emergency situations – coverage of expenses in case of injuries in the process of rest – diving, surfing, hiking, etc .;
  • guarantee of protection in case of force majeure and natural disasters – compensation of expenses for treatment in cases of receiving health complications due to hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters;
  • assistance in the event of difficulties due to car excesses – to cover the cost of solving problems encountered in road situations;
  • protection in non-standard situations during the trip – the return of financial investments in the purchase of tickets, rent, reservations, if the impossibility to use the purchase arose not through the fault of the tourist.

In time, taking care of the purchase of the insurance policy of extra (considerable, besides) costs can be avoided.

How much is the insurance for traveling abroad

The question of price is always one of the decisive factors when deciding to purchase an insurance policy. How to make travel insurance not for all the money of the world?

Only by weighing all the information received you can make the right choice. Remember – it doesn’t matter how much the insurance costs. It is much more important to understand what your purchase will be and how much the costs will be justified if you need to use a policy.

Consider such factors as:

  • features of the country you are traveling to;
  • the desire to bring extreme travel;
  • active travel, extreme sports;
  • specifics of food at destination;
  • cost of essential medical services in the country.




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